Pomurje is located in the northeast of Slovenia and borders three countries - Austria, Croatia and Hungary. Prekmurje on one side of the river Mura and Prlekija and Styrian part of Pomurje on the other side are part of Pomurje. Pomurje flatland is part of the Pannonian plain and is surrounded by hills of Goričko, Lendavske gorice and Slovenske gorice.

Pomurje is a meeting point of diverse cultures and religions (Catholic and Protestant Church) and ethnic groups, because of Roma and Hungarian minorities.

The climate is predominantly continental-pannonian, partial effects of the Mediterranean climate are present. The region has three natural protected areas: Nature Park Goričko Nature park Ljutomerski ribnik  - Jeruzalem and Nature Park Negova.

Pomurje is administratively divided into 27 municipalities.


From Ljubljana and Maribor, Slovenia
Take the A1 motorway from Ljubljana towards Maribor and follow the signs for Sveti Jurij ob Ščavnici. You have enetered Pomurje.
From Vienna and Graz, Austria
You can take a road via Maribor and follow the above instructions, or you can leave the motorway between Graz and Maribor - Vogau-Strass exit - left towards Bad Radkersburg on the B69 - Mureck - Bad Radkersburg. In Bad Radkersburg you can go to border crossing Gornja Radgona or Gederovci. You will then enter Slovenia and Pomurje.
From Budapest, Hungary
Take the A7 motorway from Budapest towards Slovenia. At the Letenye junction, follow the M70 highway towards Ljubljana. You will enter Slovenia and Pomurje at the village of Pince.
From Zagreb, Croatia
Take the A4 motorway leading towards Budapest, Hungary. Leave the motorway at the Čakovec exit, follow the signs for Mursko Središče. You will then enter Slovenia and Pomurje in Petišovci.

Murska Sobota connected with all major towns and cities in Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary. There are many bus lines connecting the towns of Lendava, Murska Sobota, Ljutomer and Gornja Radgona.
The main carrier in the region  is the Avtobusni promet Murska Sobota. The Murska Sobota bus station is located in the centre of the town.
Look for information and timetables here:
For Murska Sobota: www.ap-ms.si
For Slovenia: www.ap-ljubljana.si

The main trainstations are located in Ljutomer and Murska Sobota. From there, you can take aa train to other villages or take a bus for places, where there are no trainstations.
Look for information and timetables:
Slovenian and international train timetables: www.slo-zeleznice.si

Maribor, Slovenia (appr. 50 km)
Graz, Austria (appr. 100 km)
Zagreb, Croatia (appr. 130 km)
Ljubljana, Slovenia (appr 190 km)
Budapest, Hungary (appr. 280 km)